Bridging Loan in Time for Christmas

Bridging Loan in Time for Christmas

Bridging Loan in Time for Christmas 770 430 Monopoly Finance

Bridging Loan in Time for Christmas?

While many bridging lenders can take up to forty days to release funds, Monopoly Finance bridging completes many short-term bridging loan requests within just seven days! That’s plenty of time to get your property finance sorted before Christmas.

Monopoly Finance is unlike many bridging finance companies. We have spent a lot of time over many years optimising our offering and streamlining our processes so we can offer quick bridging loans with reasonable terms.

Many of our short-term bridging loans are secured and funding released within seven days of application. This is significantly faster than the industry average and gives you plenty of time to apply for your bridging loan before Christmas!

Monopoly Finance is always looking for reasons to approve funding, rather than reasons to deny it. We apply a positive lending approach when dealing with any application. If you request a bridging loan from us, we’ll do everything within our power to give it to you. Let us help you achieve your property ambitions and take the stress out of short-term finance.

Monopoly Finance is one of the UK’s leading providers of short-term bridging loans, supplying the best possible loan terms for many years. Contact us now on 0207 101 3333 to discuss the right financing solution for you.