Bridging Loans



What is Bridging Finance

A bridging loan or bridging finance is a great solution for clients that need quick access to capital. It is a short-term interest-only loan to ‘bridge’ the gap, or in other words, provide some breathing space while other finance is secured.

A Monopoly Finance bridging loan and its features broadly depend on what the loan is being taken out for. Our products generally fit into one of the following four categories but it’s worth contacting us if you can’t find what you need here.

Standard Bridging Loans

Where you require short-term finance secured on a property…

  • Purchasing a residential property before selling your current home
  • Downsizing or upsizing property where you need to move quickly
  • Where speed is often the key to winning the deal
  • If you are stuck in a mortgage chain with no resolution
  • If you are a landlord who needs to buy an investment property quickly
  • A bridging loan can make the difference – call our team to discuss what finance you need
  • Buying property at auction where you have 28 days to come up with funds

Light Refurbishment Bridging Loans

Where bridging finance is required for properties where no planning permission or building regulations are required…

  • Uninhabitable property
  • Where standard mortgage companies will not lend on a property that is uninhabitable
  • Providing the light refurbishment required to allow long-term finance to be put in place
  • Light refurbishment short-term finance to allow a change of use e.g. offices into residential flats
  • Finance that allows properties that are “wind and watertight” to be taken through to completion
  • Funds for internal refurbishment to finance redecoration and fitting a new kitchen, bathroom etc

Heavy Refurbishment Bridging Loans

Where bridge loan finance is required for properties where planning and or building regulations are required. Or where there is a change of use in the nature of the building premises…

  • Basement excavations/digs – work of this nature often has structural implications but can add significant value
  • Loft conversions – in the search for more space, many developers are converting loft space to get more value
  • Property extensions – increasingly a simple way to add value
  • Single unit to multi-unit – conversion to flats
  • Multi-unit to a single unit – will depend on property
  • Barn conversions – bespoke deals for unusual properties
  • Commercial to residential use – a growing area for developers, particularly converting light commercial property

Second Charge Bridging Loans

Where property has an existing mortgage (first charge) capital can be raised…

  • Home improvements – e.g. extensions, loft conversions
  • Deposit for second property purchase – e.g. investment property such as a buy to let
  • Business purposes – e.g. funding new business property
  • Tax Bill – e.g. Inland Revenue bill
  • Purchasing land or development finance
  • Add an additional property to an existing plot

What are Bridging Loans?

Bridging loans are a specialist kind of loan designed solely for shorter-term usage to provide a temporary cash flow solution or ‘bridge’ before additional permanent finance becomes available. The method for obtaining a bridging loan is straightforward and really versatile with a more flexible set of criteria that is usually required by most high street banks and mortgage lenders. Like a mortgage, a bridging loan is secured against your property.

Why use Monopoly Finance?

We can access some of the best rates in the market and move quickly, helping to get you the finance you need fast. We offer excellent customer service and a full end to end solution.

To investigate your bridging loan options call us at 0207 101 3333 or please use our live chat and message service on the bottom right of this page…